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Rathlin Island

Had a wonderful, relaxing time on Rathlin with Andy Luke staying in the hostel he's working at. People there all so friendly, Weather bright and sunny (forecast before I set off was cloud and rain every day - in fact it only rained once, at night) - caught the sun a bit on first full day there walking to the West in the morning - and that was a long, foot-achy day since we walked to the southern tip in the afternoon, hung out with 65-or-so basking seals for a bit and then came back and went to the pub. Suzy's fry-ups at the Water Shed Café are great (had two), and they also do a great hot chocolate there. Andy regaled me with stories, e.g. the Turbulent Priest (recent visitor); and we talked Marvel superheroes, remembered cowsheds, watched the sun set, listened to the sea, drank Guinness, Irish whisky, courvoisier, and gin, and looked at the stars.

Were eaten by midges, and thanked the swallows. Saw a stonechat, bats, dragonflies (brown hawker), .. and lots of flowers in the marshy heath/moor uplands, which I'm currently identifying from photos - all common things, but seemed particularly bright and lovely on Rathlin (some of that may have been the sunstroke).

And to that end, CAN ANYONE HELP with the first one below the cut. White flowers on a spike, in hedgerow/verge, serrated leaves (= white dead-nettle family?) - I can't find anything like it but I'm sure I'm just being thick/failing my search rolls. Not melilot, not mullein, ...

DSC_0984.JPGTormentil, Cross-leaved Heath, Heather.jpgEyebright.jpggreen-veined white.jpgSt John's Wort (slender q).jpgseals by lighthouse.jpg
harbour looking towards ballycastle.jpgharbour loking towards church.jpgcommon blue.jpgbit of coastline.jpgSelf-heal.jpgmeadowsweet.jpgRed Clover and ....jpgorchid amongst ....jpgred clover and ...qq.jpgDevil's-bit Scabious.jpgHarebells.jpgDSC_0978.JPGAndy looking five miles away.jpgboat pond.jpgcliffs.jpgsea road and sunset.jpgsea road and seal.jpgandy buys yellowman.jpgandy seeing puffin in standing stone.jpgandy..jpg

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