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The Pre-Raphs on TV

The Pre-Raphs given the Tudors treatment

a.k.a. as allegedly in the Tudors case 'Is any of this actually true?' (yes, parts really are)

I look forward to it. There is obviously a great story in/ about/ and/or to be made of the Pre-Raphs.

It's like the story of Lewis and Tolkien which I knew in bits and reckoned would make a great story and then someone did that in Shadowlands. The story of the pre-raphs is obviously there for the taking - young people, sharing muses, making a stand against authority, keeping wombats in their back gardens, etc etc., - it needs to be made a drama of.

(OK, they've done that one, and the C.S.L./Tolkers, do I have any great stories left that I know about left? Douglas of the Douglas Fir, or the Voyage of Sibthorp and Bauer to Greece? Botanist/explorers. must contact HBO soon. (or Coleridge/Wordsworth, but I think that was already filmed))

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